What Are Hammertoes?

Hammertoe is a painful foot condition which causes difficulty walking and performing other foot movements. Your podiatrist can evaluate painful toes to determine the cause and recommend treatment to restore pain-free walking. Don’t hesitate to seek treatment from a foot specialist for hammertoes and other conditions which impair your ability to walk. What Does a … Read moreWhat Are Hammertoes?

5 Important Things That Diabetics Need to Know about Foot Care

As a diabetic, taking care of your condition is very important to your foot health. Uncontrolled diabetes can result in both nerve damage and poor blood circulation in your feet. Both conditions can be particularly dangerous if you happen to cut your foot or develop a fungal infection. If you discover a cut or infection, … Read more5 Important Things That Diabetics Need to Know about Foot Care

Who Can Benefit from Nail Restoration?

Most people would love to have beautiful, perfectly pedicured toenails. However, certain medical complications make this impossible. Fortunately, your podiatrist can help you. A technique called the Nail Restoration System can restore unsightly nails to their former beauty with just one quick visit to the foot doctor. What is Nail Restoration? The Nail Restoration System … Read moreWho Can Benefit from Nail Restoration?