Are You Suffering from Corns or Calluses?

Corns and calluses are areas of thickened skin on the feet. They form as a result of friction and are often associated with ill-fitting footwear or neglecting to wear socks with your shoes. They appear as solid, thick, raised areas of skin on the toes or other portions of the foot and can feel tender or painful to the touch. Corns and calluses may also be associated with changes in the surrounding skin, causing it to become dry, waxy, or flaky. Corns are most commonly found on the non-weight-bearing areas of the feet, such as the tops or sides of the toes. Calluses tend to appear on the bottoms of the feet and are often larger than corns. To prevent these painful foot problems, choose properly-fitting shoes that do not slide around your feet. Always wear hose or socks to prevent rubbing inside footwear.

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