What are common foot problems in older adults?

Foot Problems & the Elderly Falls are a common and often deadly occurrence among our elderly population, accounting for thousands of fatal and nonfatal injuries every year. But while it’s true that getting older increases the risk of falling, it doesn’t have to be inevitable. With proper care and preventive measures, seniors can maximize their … Read more

The 7 Most Common Injuries in Parkour

These are the Top 7 injuries that I see most people get in the parkour community and the most common ones that I personally have had. I’m going to list the top 7 and explain why they usually occur. Knowing these common injuries and what causes them will help you prevent these injuries from happening … Read more

Haglund’s Deformity

What is Haglund’s Deformity? Haglund’s Deformity is a condition that affects the heel area of the foot. It occurs when the bony enlargement located at the back of the heel rubs against shoes or other objects, resulting in inflammation and pain. The most common symptom of this condition is swelling and tenderness around the heel, … Read more

Flat Footed Athletes

Athletes Flat Feet

Flat-Footed Athletes – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Welcome to my podiatrist blog where we look at flat-footed athletes and what it means for their performance. In this article, I will discuss why being flat-footed does not have to be a detriment for athletes, but can also be an advantage in some cases. … Read more

How To Quickly Get Rid Of Foot Fungus

If you have been diagnosed with foot fungus, it is highly likely you are suffering from a number of common symptoms. Your toes are itchy all the time and, the more you scratch, the higher the risk of your skin cracking and the infection progressing. The burning sensation can become quite intense and your toenails … Read more

What causes white toenails and how do I fix them?

What do white toenails mean? The human body is a cleverly designed machine, with each part serving a specific purpose. The nails, both on the fingers and toes, are meant to provide protection for the soft nail bed, reducing the risk of injury. A healthy nail has a nude color, with only the tip being … Read more

Sprains, Arthritis & Tendonitis

Cures for Common Feet Ailments: Neuropathy, Tailor’s Bunion, and Foot Ulcers Don’t restrict your health knowledge to problems about your heart, stomach, lungs, or any other part of the body that’s commonly discussed by health professionals. You should also increase your awareness about foot ailments…starting now. Foot pain is all too common – whether it’s … Read more

Shoes Make the Difference

The foot is certainly one of the most multifaceted parts of the body. It consists of a total of 38 bones connected by joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. And because the feet carry the entire body’s weight, they are very prone to a lot of stresses. These stresses cause foot pains or inflammation. If the … Read more

Watching Your Baby’s First Step

Parents of newborn babies won’t be able to hide their excitement when they see their child trying to carry out his/her first step ever. Babies trying to walk are a good indication that their bodies and mind are developing at a normal rate. Some parents might become worried if they see that other baby learning … Read more

Foot-Friendly Tips to Prevent Common Running Injuries

Warm weather causes many people to start bringing their exercise out of the gym and onto the sidewalks. It is also the start of the season for many people preparing for marathons and other races. Making running part of a workout routine leads to better physical stamina and a more positive state of mind—but a … Read more