Short Toes – When Is It Time for Brachymetatarsal Surgery?

Brachymetatarsia is the clinical term for individuals who have one or more abnormally short toes. In some cases, severely shortened toes may cause chronic foot pain, since the individual’s weight cannot be properly dispersed across the foot structure as it would under normal conditions. Whether an individual suffers cosmetic or clinical issues due to brachymetatarsia, help is available. With foot surgery, a podiatrist can safely correct brachymetatarsia and enable proper foot form and function.

If you have short toe problems, the following facts can help you determine if brachymetatarsal surgery is the right choice for you.

What causes brachymetatarsia?

Brachymetatarsia frequently results from a genetic disorder. Individuals who suffer from it have an inherited condition wherein the metatarsal bones do not develop to a normal size. Though the fourth toe is most commonly affected by brachymetatarsia, multiple appendages on one or both feet can be affected by this problem. In some cases, a foot injury during early childhood can also lead to shortened toes.

How can brachymetatarsal surgery correct brachymetatarsia?

Brachymetatarsal surgery is a procedure that entails one of two treatment options. Some patients may undergo a bone graft, wherein the metatarsal is deliberately broken and bone material is inserted into the fractured appendage. More severe cases of brachymetatarsia may require external fixation, which entails a lengthening of the afflicted metatarsal with an external fixator. Both procedures require anywhere from four weeks to two months of recovery time.

Why should a person consider brachymetatarsal surgery?

No one should have to suffer from the physical foot pain or psychological stress that can accompany brachymetatarsia. People who suffer from this condition often experience anxiety about exposing their feet to others, as they fear that their shortened toes may be too conspicuous. If you want to enjoy healthy and cosmetically pleasing feet, consult with a foot doctor today to discuss your brachymetatarsal surgery options.