Shoes That Can Interfere with Your Foot Health

The shoes you wear play an important role in the health of your feet. Wearing shoes that are unhealthy for your feet can cause foot pain and other problems. By choosing shoes that provide the right amount and type of support for your feet, toes, and ankles, you can improve your foot health and prevent future problems.

High Heels

It is well-known that shoes with very high heels are unhealthy for your feet and ankles. Consistent wear of these shoes places extreme pressure on the ball of your foot and causes shortening of the Achilles tendon, both of which lead to pain and foot problems. Heels over two inches high are responsible for causing pain not only in the feet, but in the legs, hips, and back as well. Shoes with pointed toes lead to conditions including hammertoe and nerve problems.

Ballet Flats

On the other end of the shoe spectrum, ballet flats provide little to no support for your feet, causing foot pain in different ways. The lack of adequate cushioning leads to the transference of shock into your foot and leg every time you take a step. This results in pain in the tendons and joints of the foot and ankle, as well as arch and heel problems. Ballet flats can also cause knee and back pain as well.

Backless Shoes

Clogs, mules, and other shoes without a back cause the toes to unconsciously grab onto the shoe during wear. This can result in calluses, skin cracks, and hammertoes that cause pain when walking. These shoes also often lack support for the rest of the foot, causing arch problems and plantar fasciitis. Lack of stability can also increase your risk for trips, slips, and falls.