Shoes Make the Difference

The foot is certainly one of the most multifaceted parts of the body. It consists of a total of 38 bones connected by joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

And because the feet carry the entire body’s weight, they are very prone to a lot of stresses.

These stresses cause foot pains or inflammation.

If the feet are injured, the whole body becomes very limited in the way it moves.

If you have foot problems, chances are, you are not wearing the proper pair of shoes to match your feet’s needs for every activity. Shoes do make a difference. Wearing improperly fitting shoes can worsen, or even cause foot pains and problems.

But if your shoes fit well, on the other hand, it can prevent the onset of foot joint problems and skin irritations. Shoes that give superior arch support are ideal to keep your feet protected and healthy. Although some foot problems can be caused by certain medical conditions, the proper selection of shoes should still be of primary concern of everyone.

Medical experts agree that high-quality shoes and the appropriate hosiery in women are good precautionary measures against foot pains emanating from standing up for a long period of time. There are certain jobs that require people to be on their feet at all times. Nurses, for one, experience this problem quite often.

Shoes should certainly do more than provide cover for the feet. They should also provide proper protection as well. Not only from the elements and the weather but from foot pains and aches too. The shoes should feel great. They should be very comfortable to ensure that you are going to not only look better but also feel better and perform better all for good health.

Now that the importance of good shoes is established, next time you shop for shoes, consider these points:

Comfort comes first

When buying shoes, you normally try them on. You do that not only to check if the shoes fit you. You do it also because you wanted to know how it feels against your feet. Make sure that the shoes’ walls and its lining are soft enough so you won’t get blisters when you use it.

Shoes should be flexible

Ever noticed how you walk? Your feet bend slightly as you take a step. The shoes that you are to buy must allow foot movement. Try to flex the shoe. Is it soft but firm? If it is, then it is a good pair for you.

Shoes should be well made.

Well-made shoes also mean durable shoes. Leather is still the finest material yet.
Other materials may not work as well as leather. And as a plus, leather lets the feet breathe. You won’t only have a pair of long-lasting shoes, but a healthy one as well.

Shoes should provide a no-slip feature

The soles should be made of high-quality rubber or cork. Some new materials are acceptable provided that they have been proven to provide the ultimate protection for the user in terms of skids and slides.

Shoes should fit right

You know what the old adage says. If it fits, it’s yours. For some people, finding the perfect shoe fit is difficult. Some feet are simply too wide or too narrow for conventional shoe designs. For cases like these, custom-made shoes might be in order.

Consider the Design of the Shoe

After all the good feature points are all considered, you can now take into consideration the look of your shoes. It should be pleasing to your eyes and match your clothes. Else, you won’t look forward in using it and it would just end up sitting in the closet most of the time.

These are the general tips you should follow when buying a new pair of shoes. Shopping for shoes should be a good mix of fashion and function. Your feet, even if they are very important parts of the body, are often quite neglected.

Start taking care of your feet by buying only the best pair of shoes. If you wanted to walk confidently until after you are 60 years of age, invest on a good shoe today. If you don’t you might even acquire foot problems that would require surgery to correct.